Turn-by-turn GPS navigation when riding your bike, with spoken instructions to keep you eyes on the traffic. You will never again need to stop and look at your phone when uncertain if you're on track.

If you miss a turn Co-Rider will automatically get you back on track and towards your destination. Instructions are currently in Dutch, Danish, German and English.

Interface is clean and simple. You choose where you want to go by typing the address and the route will be shown on the map. You then put away your phone, insert headphones and hop on your bike, as all directions will be given in audio. You can listen to music while using Co-Rider but this will make you less aware of traffic and we recommend only doing this at a low volume setting.

What lies ahead

We are working hard to improve Co-Rider and our immediate priorities are
  • route calculation without Internet connection
  • the ability to report bad routes for review
Please email us to let us know what you think would make Co-Rider great.

For iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C and iPhone 5S

Routes are specifically tailored to bikes, using bicycle paths where available and avoiding roads unsuitable for bikes. They are generated using OpenStreetMap data, and the app will mostly be useful in areas where OpenStreetMap coverage is good. You will be able to try out navigation for free for 10 days to get a sense of the route quality.

Tips and tricks

  • Tap the button on your headset for extra prompt about when to turn.
  • Booksmarks button will show your latest routes and you can mark routes as favourite by pressing the star-button in which case they are never deleted from Co-Rider.
  • Pressing the text with distance and time estimate will show the route in list form.
  • Street names are included in prompt if you change settings to always use voice synthesis.
  • Explore settings by pressing the button in the lower right corner.
  • The recently used addresses are shown when the address field is empty. This is convenient to get back home or back to work. Just like routes a recently used address can be marked as favourite to keep it around.
  • Shake your phone if you changed or deleted your current route by accident. You latest change will be undone.

Plays well with others

Co-Rider can help you navigate routes created by other programs by importing GPX, TCX or KML files. The routes Co-Rider makes can be exported as GPX files or printed. And while Co-Rider is helping you reach your goal in a geographical sense, you can also run a sports-tracker app to reach your fitness goals.