Drawing Den

Perfectly suited for younger children, the easy to use interface makes drawing fun and captivating. Fill out existing drawings with watercolors and crayons or start entirely new drawings with the pencil.

Every step of the drawing process is remembered, allowing the child to focus on being creative without bothering to save images. Later on drawings can be saved to photo roll, posted to Facebook or entire drawing sequence uploaded to YouTube for the ultimate in grandparent viewing pleasure.

Drawing Den can be customized for different skill levels and customizations are tucked away to not confuse the child, while readily available for the grown-up. Among other things you can allow or disallow drawing across lines and control how many colors should be available in the palette.

For iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch

Free feline

Use Drawing Den for free when drawing the cat, the girl and face or unlock remaining 11 drawings and two blank pieces of paper.

5 drawing tools

Start out drawing with crayon, watercolors or pencil.

YouTube & Facebook upload

Share the creative process with the world hassle free, by uploading to Facebook or YouTube.

Simple interface

Drawing is designed for small children while configuration is designed for grown-ups.


No need to think about saving while drawing. Entire drawing process is remembered and pictures can be taken from any point in time.

Assisted drawing

Helps keep the colouring within the lines and makes colouring small areas easier.


Each drawing has an inspiring soundscape.

Shake to erase

Shake to erase drawing and start over. Easy to remember and fun to do.

Extract video

Advanced users can extract a video files for further editing.